Day 2: Gluttons for Punishment

November 7, 2011 5:10am

November 6, 2011

S70°53.402 E011°32.633

Elevation 2568ft

The climb up the glacier is slow, exhausting and every bit as excruciating as predicted. The day started late given the iridium phone failure and the stellar rescue from Andrei and the folks at TAC. A big thank you there! To see two modified 4X4 pull up next to camp is a little like seeing the fourth wall drop to realize that you are living inside a movie set and reality, it turns out, is on the other side of one of those flats! It also saved us an hour skiing there and back. We’ve had difficulty uploading the blogs and lost another hour inside the tent.Other than that, sleeping was heavenly! The first hours were cold, but the sun rose around 2AM and began blasting the tent. By 6AM, it was cooking in there. We finally left around 1PM and the first part of the day was very warm–around 8C minus, with full sun and no wind. Out here, given the arduous nature of the effort, this is T-shirt weather. In fact, both Eric and I spent a couple of hours without shirts or gloves and I cursed not having shorts with me! Even then, sweat was dripping onto my glasses, and my hands were overheating. The grade started increasing, and the pull worsened accordingly. Each sastrugi depression was good for the sledge to jam to an abrupt stop. I have twio secondary smaller sleds in tow of the big one and often got the double jam! Later in the daay, I simply released the small ones and covered the distance twice. Finally, around five O’clock, Novo disappeared behind the crest of the long fought hill. Theree was something really bothersome about traveling for two days but never losing sight of the station! The wind picked up as the sun lowered its arc and with it the temps dropped to minus 15C.With 20 knots of wind, this ostensibly feels like 25C below. We pushed until 7PM, adding one more hour to yesterday’s time. Still, given the steep grade we are facing, we covered the same distance–about 5 kilometers. It is grueling! We have chosen a route that costs an extra two days of travel in order to mitigate the higher risk of crevasses. They’re around–but so far have been playing nice. Another ten days of this gring and we should start kiting…

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  1. Sanni says:

    So great to follow this adventure! Can’t forget the excitement when following up you in the previous one. Kiting is still ten days away, but then you’ll fly again. Keep on avoiding crevasses and sing a song or two while climbing.

    Sunshine from dark Finland,


    • Evgeny says:

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  2. Ed swift says:

    Godspeed, my friend! They are shopping our book as you read this. Get home safely. I”‘ll be following everyday. Best : Ed

  3. Hi guys, just a note to say good luck and good winds. You’ve got the best expedition on the ice this year, great to see, and hope it all goes well for you. I don’t envy your pull up from Novo but hopefully blasting across the inner plateau will make it all worthwhile. I’m currently climbing in China, detained by the authorities for being where I shouldn’t, but will be guiding a Last Degree in January. Hopefully we can toast your success in Union Glacier. End of January seems a long way away, eh? Lots of first steps.
    Best Wishes, Damien.

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