Day 20–Pushing forward

November 25, 2011 10:21am

November 24, 2011

S73°25.968 E011°02.761

Elevation 10562 feet

After last night’s rib incident, we were slow out of the tent, allowing the morning to psyche myself up. The sharp pain was a sobering reminder that this inconvenience will likely be with me at various stages for the remainder of the trip. We are about twenty five percent into it, so the next sixty days or so.

On a long trip such as this, one is constantly faced with doubts and the looming specter of failure–especially in the beginning. Each equipment failure, or physical ailment leaves room for questions as to the feasibility of the objective. The is a lot of fixing gear, and time versus distance evaluation. And twenty days in, these thoughts are at the forefront. Overall, while our distance has been hampered by weather and terrain, as well as the weight of the sledges which slows our speed, I remain optimistic about our chances.

Conditions were kinder to us today, as we still gained elevation and the demolition derby gave way to more of a rally analogy. The surface smoothened out, and navigation, while still requiring pointed attention, is much more relaxed than in days past. Additionally, we are encountering much softer snow, and large patches of powder. The wind was with us for most of the afternoon, until it shut down, unceremoniously at five thirty, thereby shortening our day by two needed hours. Still, the sun was out, which made for a pleasant day of travel, and as the ice glided below our skis, we push further into the heart of Antarctica. We covered 52.3 kilometers today, and rose 460 feet in elevation. We have traveled 305 kilometers since Novo. A long way to go…

It’s Thanksgiving today in the US. We had rice&beans! Happy turkey day, everybody!

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  1. Anna Lapushner says:

    I’m rooting for you Sebastian, as I know many are! XOXO

  2. Ginger says:

    Is my son with you? Because that sure looks like his bedroom! ;P

  3. BASILE says:

    Quel bor…!!!! What a mess!!!!

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