Day 12–False Alarm

May 24, 2010 12:42pm

Conducting psychological tests, or what happens after being pinned down for five days!

Woke up today to the piercing weight of silence. After five days of this brouhaha, the sound of silence, comparatively speaking, can also be piercing. It was four AM, and stirred out of my dreams, it took a moment before I realized that the tent was still! This was reinforced to me when a gust gently fluttered the walls. And then nothing. Elated, I looked to my sleeping partner. Given the early morning hour, I thought to let him be until a more civilized time. Periodically, a stronger gust would shake the tent in the way that, by now, was familiar. But then, it would relent. “The winds are dying,” I muttered. “Yep,” replied my sleepy friend before setting back into slumber. Excited by the prospect of packing up what I think is camp six on day twelve–and putting some miles under our skis–I struggled to get back to sleep. This was made all the more challenging for the nagging gusts which, though intermittent, seemed to decidedly strengthen. I finally dosed off, amidst dreams of kites filled with wind and miles covered…

Two hours, and I woke up again to a familiar sound: that jet engine roar, and the violent shaking! Though not a dream–of that I am certain–the brief period of calm was simply that: brief. And now we’re back in that mess! The winds pulled back a touch in the morning, but upon stepping out early this AM, I was met with spin drift, reduced visibility, and just about shitty travel conditions! So it’s back to bed until further notice…

Afternoon update: nothing changed but for the arms on my watch that now registers 108 hours of the same! The winds have resumed to their high velocity and deafening roar. It is blowing about sixty to seventy miles per hour right now. No poetry today unless it rhymes with “exasperation”! There is always tomorrow… “Anticipation?” or “mental evaluation”!

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  1. TMAC says:

    love the picture a true testament to your humor, amid such crazy conditions, sorry to hear no kite skiing conditions for you, it does look fun, and the only way to make up the time needed to get back in time for …………………………… ….doh !!! Wishing you and your partner a safe return to your travels, keep the blogs coming, be well Tmac

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