Sebastian’s Mom

March 29, 2009 9:11pm

Sebastian radio’d in this morning at 5 am (we changed the clocks an

> hour forward today – so it was actually 4 AM!!) from the middle of

> the arctic desert.


> I had the feeling that he’s finding it mentally hard : pulling those

> heavy sleds over large hillocks of ice – up and down, with the same

> landscape stretching out to the end of the horizon. And he’s only on

> Day 4!  But he managed to radio into his mother to reassure her!

> Although I don’t know if I’m as reassurd as all that, as now I’m

> worrying about him becoming depressed!  He said that the monotony is

> the worst. I’s a real work-in-progress to work on one’s mind so as

> not to dwell on the minute-to-minute discomfort, effort and

> especially the freezing cold.  Mealtimes must be the highlight of

> the day! I don’t expect he’ll have a birthday cake on April 3rd!


> As he’s coming back through Paris, I told him that he would have a

> hot bath waiting for him, a comfortable bed and his favorite mutton

> stew!


> I told him that he didn’t HAVE to do this and if it got too tough

> that no-one would blame him for quitting, but he said he couldn’t

> quit as he would let so many people down – including his sponsors – but

> mostly himself.

> Oh well, he’s a big boy, but I wonder if he was quite able to

> anticipate the grueling day-to-day ritual.  I think he’s being

> incredibly brave, myself, and I hope he will be recognized as doing

> this as a mission to help save the Arctic, which is not protected as

> the Antarctic is.  The Arctic is so much more at risk, as it is

> surrounded by countries which, in fact, would probably prefer that

> the ice melt as it would create a passage in which all kinds of

> boats will be able to go through, creating all the problems that are

> evident such as  non-stop tour liners, tankers, cargo boats etc.,

> going from the US. Russia, Canada and the Baltic countries, creating

> chaos and destruction to the natural habitat, churning up the

> pristine waters, creating oil spills etc. etc. and the prospection

> of earning billions and billions in mining for oil….


> He’s hoping people are following his daily diary – he especially

> mentioned his nephews –  and I reassured him that everyone probably

> was because I have been bugging the entire Earth about him! He was

> especially gratified that Pat Murphy’s son’s class was making his

> trip a class project, so please Pat, let him know—


> Over and out, to quote the end of my conversation with him…..


> – penelope

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