Day 4 – Plugging Away

March 28, 2009 9:13pm

85.3623N, 77.6615W

We are doing well and plugging away at
the miles. The cold temperatures have been making our stoves hard to
light, but we have a few tricks to make it easier. The majority of our travel today was over broken ice, with a few old leads to change
up the scenery. Old leads are cracks in the ice that have frozen over
enough that you are able to ski or snowshoe on them. When we are
trending in a northerly direction it is like getting out of
bumper-to-bumper traffic and getting on a free-way with no cars. It’s
easy and fast mileage compared to the bumps and zig-zagging of rubble
zones. Typically it’s not common to find old leads heading north-south,  but we’ll keep
our fingers crossed that we get some!

The temperature in the morning was a frigid -38F, but in general
the day was nice, with sun and little if any wind. We traveled 6.8
nautical miles North ending at N85.21.738, W77.39.695. Check back
tomorrow for another dispatch!

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