Los Angeles/Ottowa

March 18, 2009 9:23pm

Departure is finally upon us, after months of training and preparation!
A seamstress works late into the night to affix the sponsor patches
onto the outerwear. Meanwhile, back at the fort and with the company of
a handful loyal friends, I stay up all night finalizing the remaining
items on my to do list, and complete packing. I guess one could always
use a few more days.

By 6AM, it is time to leave for the airport. Isaiah has gifted me with
a pimped out iPod for the long trail. And Mikhail will oversee business
affairs while I am gone. T-Mac will keep the house and care for Guerra,
my dog. I am blessed. They drive me to the airport, and after a
powerful send off, the plane takes off for Ottawa where I overnight and
meet Keith. A quick dinner and catch up and then lights out. Neither of
us slept last night.

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