Day 9–On we go

November 14, 2011 10:38am

November 13, 2011

71.3235S, 10.4474E

Yesterday was spent resting and sowing. With each move a painful struggle, my ribs have given me plenty to contemplate. It is difficult to consider 75 more days of traveling–virtually the entire trip. I spent the night examining every scenario ahead, visiting the dark, disappointing place of defeat, only to swing back up the stubborn spine of determination. The night was cold, but cuccooned deep in my sleeping bag, I could not help but wallow in the irony of being out here, after all the months of minute planning, preparation and training, and having the experience jeopardized by the more uninspired type of discomfort: the ribs!

I visualized the squeezing action of the harness, the bumpy roughness of the terrain, and wondered how I would endure. Moments later, my thoughts would jolt back to the unique privilege of being out here, laying eyes on a world that so few would know. And my mind was made up. A day at a time. A foot. A mile. And as I watched the steam explode out of my nose, I prepared for the kind of experience I knew would define the trip. Pain, too, as with all things, shall come to pass…

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  1. Shawn Gold says:

    Hey sebastian, thinking about you often. With you in spirit!

  2. Ryan Gentry says:


    Sending pain-free thoughts your way. Step by step …

  3. donovan leitch says:

    Sebastian – you are truly an inspiration and your journey is awe inspiring. I f anyone can endure the discomfort it is you. Onward! Tally Ho! xo, Donovan

  4. Keep going, you will get there there,time will heal the pain and in the meantime a few painkillers..

  5. BASILE says:

    Now you are in ♥ Great!

  6. Rough start 🙁 Aside from wishing you well, the only thing I can offer is this saying from the Tao Te Ching (which has often kept me going): In life, pain is inevitable; suffering is a choice.

  7. Anne de La Baume says:

    Hello icy crazy white christmas father ! White is white, I envy you. First time entering your blog so I don’t know what happened to your ribs, broken probably. Well not bad because when you won’t feel them any longer it will mean that you are frozen…no good ! Une question triviale mais tu peux attendre ton retour pour me répondre : how does one pee in such a temperature ? carefull not to breake your baby broom before you come back, some german girl would not appreciate ! Lots of laughs and affectionate thoughts. XXXX Anne (de La Baume)

  8. Gord says:

    Tap into your inner hockey player…..tape an aspirin to it and get back out there! You can do this in your sleep young man….and think of how cool the story will be when you are back – day 10….snapped up ribs….and you finish….



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