Day 16–Stormed In

November 20, 2011 6:02pm

November 20, 2011

The forecasted storm reached us after all. The strong wind that we caught yesterday was the head of it. We had optimistically hoped that the two hundred kilometers that now separate us from the coast might shield us, but it was not to be. By the middle of the night, the tent was shaking like a rag doll, violently displacing air inside, and it did not let up until mid morning. Around 1 PM, we started packing our things, but all matters of blowing snow and surging gusts had us reconsider; the storm is predicted to last until Tuesday, and erring on the side of caution we chose to avoid finding ourselves building camp in dire conditions. Good thing as we clocked the wind in the afternoon over 55 kilometers per hour, which isn’t so bad (we experienced over 100 km/h on Greenland, and for seven consecutive days!) but too much for a long kiting expedition. Confined to the tent, this turned out to be a rest day, even if loud and on the chilly side. Outside, the spin drift has already half-buried the sledges and is climbing the sides of the tent. The sky is overcast but again the sun puts out a fight to stay in the picture. By late afternoon, it hangs low on the horizon; at this latitude and for this time of year, it no longer sets. The snow drift racing over the sastrugi offers the usual spectacle, like a dance that never gets old. The winds here have been shaping the ice for millions of years and blowing snow has been running over it ever since. If it had a mind, it would no doubt wonder what two individuals are doing stationed in this frigid world. Not a place for a picnic. Hopefully tomorrow will let us move. We have traveled 214 kilometers since starting.

3 Responses to “Day 16–Stormed In”

  1. Shawn Gold says:

    fine writing my friend. Enjoying your adventure from Los Angeles

  2. Anne de La Baume says:

    Quand je pense qu’à Paris, l’été indien se prolonge et durera probablement jusqu’à Noël ! Tu ne parles plus de tes côtes elle doivent être ressoudée par la glace.
    Ta mère me dit que tu m’invites à ton mariage ?! Tu t’occupes aussi de commander les petits fours de là bas…tu parles d’une expédition ! Cela dit, je suis très flattée et t’en remercie.
    J’adore lire tes récits, on n’ imagine pas qu’il puisse se passer tant de choses dans un endroit si désert. Comment ta fiancée supporte-t-elle cette séparation haut de gamme ? Remarque le mariage est une sacrée expédition et l’on si casse plutôt les dents que les côtes mais restons optimistes ! Je t’embrasse affectueusement. Anne

  3. BASILE says:

    We understand why suffer so much for a such a landscape
    Congratulations for the wedding… ♥

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