Day 50–Storms…and more storms

December 24, 2011 4:00pm

December 24, 2011

S81°22.321 E049°03.220

Elevation 12072 feet

The force of will does not change the weather. It is a fact of life that can be tough to reckon with, in some contexts. And expeditions are one of them. No matter how motivated, prepared and fit you are, natural forces will bend that will into submission, and humble you to surrender. For some, safety weighs in the balance; luckily for us, waiting is the only point of infliction. Suffices to say that Santa will not, by all indications, drop a wrapped and bowed pleasant travel day our way on Christmas day. Marc’s meteorological predictions were not entirely off; but the variabilities did not work in our favor, nor did the timeline. The southerly winds did manifest in the middle of the night, and grew to a strong twenty to twenty five knot average through the day. The fact that blowing snow and visibility would have made this a tough travel day is hardly relevant, since the angle was almost directly into our bearing: straight on headwinds, and unusable. While contemplating whether to tough it out in spite of losing considerable angle ground, I reached out to Marc again for a weather update. “The southerly will fade overnight, but you will get hit by a thirty knot average northerly by midday tomorrow. This will carry on through the night and into the following day. Strong weather! Your best bet will be for the 27th, unless you want to chance it this evening while the wind switches direction and before the build…”. No Christmas carols playing in the background; no boxing day special. Antarctica serves up another one of its house meals. And here I really felt for a schnitzel and a nice salad! Or my mom’s legendary lamb stew! Tough not making miles for the fifth consecutive day! I will keep an ear out for the wind tonight, and if indeed it dies off and turns with enough pop to get us away from here, we will pack in the night and travel until the storm reaches us. We will have plenty of time for sleep recover through the blow. Perhaps the 27th will be our day.

Meanwhile, on a personal front, I want to send a special warm embrace to my soulmate, partner and best friend on the anniversary of our engagement: baby, you are the one!

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  1. Harald Golbach says:

    Merry merry Christmas from Germany. Wie already had a fantastic Family Dinner yesterday Night. Sorry Guys….:-)
    All my Love and prayers(specially for steady Wind)
    In Deep gratitude for Sharing a bid of your Journey.
    Moni and harry

  2. Ryan Gentry says:

    Merry Christmas Eve, Sebastian!

  3. Harald Golbach says:

    Merry merry Christmas from Germany. Wie already had a fantastic Family Dinner yesterday Night. Sorry Guys….:-)
    All my Love and prayers(specially for steady Wind)
    Thanks from The depth of my Heart for Sharing a Bit of your Journey
    Moni and harry

  4. Carolin says:

    Happy anniversary to you, Baby! Yes, we are getting married in summer, it is the reality!!!
    I will never forget Christmas day a year ago on top of Lions head in Cape Town where we got engaged.

    I am with you every step you take, the wind will come soon…
    Merry Christmas, Schatzi, merry Christmas Eric!
    We are all thinking about

  5. Leila and Aidan says:

    Merry Christmas Sebastian and Eric!
    Our family is reading your updates every day, we check often and are gripped and touched by your experience and your strength to adapt to such a challenge and with the ups and downs with the wind. Incredible story unfolding before our eyes. We are so proud of you and will lift a glass to you tomorrow and pray for wind!
    Francis, Aidan, Yannik, Leila and Mathew

  6. Eva says:

    Merry Christmas, Sebastian and Eric! Keep going, all my prayers go to you.

  7. Fred says:

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and ideal wind conditions.

  8. Penelope Casadesus says:

    Happy Christmas Bastie! I could think of better places to spend Christmas Day, but this is your choice, so we should accept it and admire you for what you are doing. Your Dad asked me to send his love and good wishes, as did your grandmother Gisele – both without computers! I’m just about to go to Montmartre for your grandmother’s Christmas – in her 98th year and still going strong! Your uncle Christian is 99 on Jan 1st, so I know you will be safe as we have long-living genes in the family! We will be thinking hard of you, and those who pray will be praying for you and Eric to finish this tough trip quickly and safely! All our love from all of us – your mother xxxx

  9. Katrin says:

    Merry Christmas Bass & Eric,

    We’re all thinking of you on this Christmas Day — and are with you on your journey, even if it may not always feel that way when surveying your alien and surely beautiful surroundings! But we are all indeed here sending you love and a big slice of christmas cheer!

    Get back safe!!!
    Katrin, Sean & Johnny

  10. Tmac says:

    so proud of you seb, even thou i have never met eric, you also are inspiring a whole community to reflect, self inspect, >step away from the comfort zone: thank you for this< as your christmas will be quite unique…… a tent, a million mile from civilization on a snow desert. know we are all sending warm merry vibes to guide you through………….good tidings we bring, see you in 2012 T

  11. Happy Christmas Eric and Sebastian,what a way to spend it!Will say a prayer for you that things will go well.

  12. ceila wise says:

    Happy Happy Christmas Sebastian and Eric !!!!

    Thinking how brave and strong you are ….for I know beneath the deep strengh lies an abundance of joy !!! At least am discovering in my own small way.

    The sweetest snow message ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sending you gusts and gusts of warm wind and much much LOVE , Ceila xoxox

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