All Systems Go…Sort Of

March 23, 2009 9:20pm

South Camp Inn, Reslolute Bay—Well it wouldn’t be the Arctic if weather
didn’t alter the best laid plans. We waited for the much anticipated
call at 6AM from a team on the ice for a weather update and the green
light from the pilots. Unfortunately, the satellite map points to a
weather system hanging over the pole and confirmation comes that
visibility is poor. We will get a further update at 8AM so back to bed.
By 8AM, visibility is still down and it doesn’t look like we will be
off today. Our flight is re-scheduled for tomorrow. Keith and I drive
to the airport to check on our sledges and weigh our cargo once more.
Including the re-supply we will be dropping another team on the ice, we
are at around 900 pounds. We test our weapon and fire a couple of
shells. Hopefully we’ll not have to use it.

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