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Antarctica : The Global Warning 2007 International Photography Awards (IPA) Professional Photographer of the Year—Book Category Antarctica: A Call To Action: 2009 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards Silver Award---Environment Category Antarctica—A Call To Action 2009 Book Expo America -- Silver Award—Environmental Books


“Extraordinary…a brilliant book…a brilliant photographer” --- Larry King “Sebastian Copeland’s stunning photographs are a stark reminder of what we stand to lose. He has ventured to the bottom of the world and returned with a message that we cannot afford to ignore.” – Sting “When my eyes looked upon this a series of photographs—vast stretches of empty polar landscapes, icy white, with pockets of deep blue—I started to feel cooler and calmer. The display of Sebastian Copeland work, from his book “Antarctica: The Global Warning,” made me admire the integrity of individuals who are trying to raise awareness of threats to the environment”. — Suzy Menkes, New York Times, Sunday Magazine