Into The Cold: A Journey of The Soul

Into the Cold–A Journey of the Soul retraces two men’s dramatic expedition to the North Pole in sub-zero temperatures and covering more than 400 miles on foot. The mission was carried out to commemorate the centennial of Admiral Peary’s reach in 1909. A personal and harrowing journey of endurance and commitment, Into The Cold delves into the depth of the soul against the backdrop of the magnificent and expansive Great North. Fewer than 150 people have walked such distance to reach the pole on foot in the last century; by way of comparison, 77 people summitted Mt Everest on May 22nd 2008 alone. The film documents this rapidly vanishing environment: one hundred years from now, there will not be a bicentennial expedition on foot to the North Pole, for the ice there will have long since gone…

The film follows noted environmental advocate, photographer and polar traveler Sebastian Copeland through his training in Minnesota and Los Angeles before embarking on the two months trip on the frozen ice cap with his partner Keith Heger. Considered by experts as the toughest environment in the world, seventy percent of North Pole expeditions are met with failure. From personal reflections to last minute preparations, the story shifts when the two men are dropped onto the ice, faced with temperatures in excess of -50F degrees, alone for millions of square miles and armed only with their courage and determination. The soundtrack and the Zen of the void transport us inside the mind of the explorer and celebrates humankind’s communion with Nature, underlying one poignant message: if the Great North goes, so goes humanity…

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Across The Ice: The Greenland Victory March

In 2010, explorer and photographer Sebastian Copeland and partner Eric McNair-Landry set off to cross 2,300 kilometers of the Greenland ice sheet in its length on skis and kites, without support. Braving storms, crevasses, and exhaustion, the two men set fresh tracks and a new world record in the heart of the ice. This is their story.

The ANTARCTICA Legacy Crossing

Currently in Post-Production.