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Sebastian Copeland

img_3203croppedAn award-winning photographer, explorer, author, and environmental activist, Sebastian Copeland has made the fight for the protection of the environment his life’s work.

In 2009, Sebastian traveled the Arctic with expedition partner Keith Heger on a journey to reach the North Pole to commemorate its centennial, in hopes of raising awareness to climate change and its effects on the Arctic. The outcome of this voyage is the riveting documentary Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul. The film captures the two men’s dramatic expedition to the rapidly vanishing North Pole – considered the toughest expedition on Earth.

On Greenland in 2010, which he crossed in its length with partner Eric McNair Landry, Sebastian set a world record for the longest distance traveled in a twenty four hour period on skis and kites, with 595 kilometers.

As an international speaker on climate crisis for over a decade, Sebastian has addressed audiences at the United Nations, the World Affairs Council, the General Assembly on Climate in New Orleans, the George Eastman House, Google Headquarters, and to Apple’s Senior Design Team. He has appeared on Larry King Live, ABC, NPR, Air America, and Al Gore’s Current TV, as a champion of environmental causes.

A world renowned and award winning photographer, Sebastian’s fine quality prints have appeared at the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, Peabody Essex Museum and the Field Museum in Chicago. Sebastian received the prestigious International Photography Awards’ 2007 Professional Photographer of the Year for his first book, “Antarctica: The Global Warning.”

In 2008, Sebastian was named German GQ’s Man of the Year for environmental leadership. In 2009 he received Global Green’s prestigious Founder Award. Sebastian is a board member and tireless advocate for Global Green USA.

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